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Attorney DeBruin represents clients from across lower michigan.

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What are the current marijuana laws in Michigan?

On Behalf of | May 7, 2024 | Drug Charge

In Michigan and across the United States, marijuana is increasingly being treated more as a recreational and medical substance than it is an illegal drug. Just recently, the federal government stated that it is planning to move forward with a reclassification from Schedule I to Schedule III, making clear that it is not viewed as dangerous as it once was.

Still, there are laws in place regulating its sale, possession and use. People can still be charged with marijuana-related crimes. To avoid an arrest and charges, it is wise to know what people are still not allowed to do related to the substance under state law. When there is an arrest, a strong defense is imperative as a conviction carries with it problems that can be challenging to people in every aspect of their life.

Understanding illegal acts related to marijuana

Like alcohol, people are not allowed to operate any type of motor vehicle or boat while under the influence of marijuana. Doing so can lead to charges of operating under the influence of drugs. It might cost the person their driving privileges, lead to fines and more.

People under 21 cannot have the substance in any context, nor can they sell it. Even though it is being treated less severely and its use is commonplace, that does not mean people can smoke or consume it anywhere they want. If it is prohibited in the location they use it, they can be arrested.

The cultivation of the plant remains regulated. For example, if it is visible from a public location by using binoculars or can be viewed by the air, then it remains illegal. People cannot possess or use it when they are on school grounds where children from preschool through high school attend. The amount is also important. People cannot have more than 2.5 ounces in their residence unless the excess is in a container or locked away.

Despite the reduction in severity of the charges and penalties for marijuana, people can still find themselves arrested and charged for certain acts. An example of drug crimes that can lead to potentially harsh consequences is marijuana trafficking. For these cases, people should not be dismissive of the ramifications simply because it is “only” marijuana. A strong defense should be crafted to find a positive outcome.