Attorney DeBruin represents clients from across lower Michigan.

Attorney DeBruin represents clients from across lower michigan.

Confident In The Fight,
Committed To Your Defense

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A Legal Advocate You Can Trust And Rely On

While America’s legal system is meant to serve everyone, most people find it difficult to navigate without an experienced attorney to provide guidance and representation. When facing criminal charges or a family law issue, you’ll want to entrust your case to someone who will fight for you and will ensure that your rights and interests are protected.

In Lansing and surrounding areas, the advocacy you are looking for can be found at DeBruin Law, PLLC. Founding attorney Tiffany DeBruin has the experience, skill and tenacity that you and your case deserve.

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A Lawyer Committed To Helping Others

Tiffany has always had a desire to help people, and that’s why she entered the legal profession. After she graduated from Capital University Law School in Ohio, she worked for legal aid services helping people who were facing legal troubles and couldn’t afford attorneys. She also has experience representing families and individuals with a variety a family law issues including helping victims of domestic violence and guiding families through the Children’s Services system.

After moving to Michigan, she opened her own firm offering representation in family law and criminal defense. She chose criminal defense because she saw an opportunity to protect and preserve the rights of people accused of crimes — work she finds important and rewarding.

What You Can Expect As A Client

When you hire our firm, you’ll have an attorney with considerable legal knowledge, a sharp attention to detail and good working relationships with other legal professionals in the local judicial system.

Tiffany stays up to date on the latest scientific and legal developments in the highly specialized area of OWI law to better serve her clients as a certified and active member of The Michigan Association of OWI Attorneys (MIAOWIA). As you’ll see on other pages on this site, she also has extensive knowledge of Michigan’s criminal laws, which she utilizes to give her clients the most effective defense available in their cases.

Finally, you can expect personalized attention and open communication with your attorney. Tiffany strives to remain accessible when clients need her, and you can be sure that she will personally handle your case from start to finish.

Contact Us Today To Discuss Your Legal Needs

Based in East Lansing, Michigan, DeBruin Law, PLLC, serves clients throughout the surrounding areas. We are pleased to offer free initial consultations to prospective criminal defense clients, and family law consultations for a flat $250 fee.

To discuss your rights and legal options with an experienced attorney, contact us today to schedule a consultation. Just call 517-731-0353 or fill out our online contact form.