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Attorney DeBruin represents clients from across lower michigan.

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Driving Without A License

If you’re facing a driving without a license charge in Michigan, talking to a traffic violations attorney may be to your benefit. Once accused of unlicensed driving, the burden is on you to prove that you had a valid license at the time of the incident. DeBruin Law, PLLC, can make sure you have the proper evidence to win your case. For a free case evaluation with a Lansing license lawyer, contact us today.

What Is Driving Without A License In Michigan?

When people hear “driving without a license,” they tend to think of a single act. It is more common to think of driving with a license that is suspended or revoked, rather than physically not having your license on you. Driving without a license in Michigan can actually refer to four different acts:

  • Driving with a valid license that is not in your possession;
  • Driving a vehicle with an expired license;
  • Driving a vehicle with a license that was suspended or revoked;
  • Driving a vehicle having never applied for a driver’s license.

In any of these situations, you may face charges for driving without a license. If you were pulled over for an additional offense, your penalty may be increased for your lack of license.

Driving Without Proof Of License

Even if you have your driver’s license, you may still be liable for driving without it. Perhaps you forgot your license at home. Maybe you left it somewhere where you needed identification. In any case, you may still face consequences if you are pulled over and you don’t have your driver’s license with you.

If you simply forgot your license or left it somewhere, this charge is relatively easy to fight. If you can prove that you did have a valid license when you were pulled over, you will most likely not have severe penalties. The infraction may even be dismissed. Your attorney will be able to examine your case and tell you if and how you can avoid various penalties.

What Is The Penalty For Driving With An Expired License In Michigan?

If your license was suspended, revoked or expired, the consequences you face could be significantly more severe. The Michigan Vehicle Code requires that anyone operating a vehicle in the state must have a valid license. If you’re pulled over and found to be operating without a Michigan license, you can face legal trouble. A first offense for driving with a suspended, revoked or expired license can result in up to 93 days of jail time. In addition, you could be fined up to $500. If you face subsequent charges of driving without a valid license, these punishments will only increase. Your potential penalty increases even further if you’re involved in an accident that causes serious injury or death.

Driving Without Ever Applying For Your Michigan Driver’s License

As mentioned above, the Michigan Vehicle Code requires a valid driver’s license to operate a vehicle in Michigan. If you never applied for a driver’s license, your license cannot expire, or be suspended or revoked. This does not exempt you from charges of operating a vehicle without a license.

Your ability to drive is not the question; the state and law enforcement are simply reluctant when it comes to allowing an unlicensed driver to drive. For driving without ever applying for a Michigan driver’s license, you may be subject to the same penalties as someone who drives with a suspended or expired license.

You Cannot Allow An Unlicensed Driver To Drive Your Vehicle

It is important to note that the requirement of a valid driver’s license does not stop with you. Section 257.904 of the Michigan Vehicle Code makes it illegal to knowingly allow someone without a valid license to operate your vehicle. This means that if you let someone drive your car, and know that they don’t have a valid Michigan license, you could be liable. No distinction is made in the Code as to punishment; if you knowingly allow someone without a license to operate your car, you will be liable for the same punishments.

Talk To DeBruin Law, PLLC About Your Michigan Charge Of Driving Without A License

An experienced attorney will know how to handle your charges of driving without a license. To speak with a Michigan traffic lawyer, contact DeBruin Law, PLLC today. There are numerous ways charges and penalties can be reduced or even dropped; an attorney from our firm will help you assess the best possible outcome of your case. Schedule your free case evaluation online, or contact us at 517-731-0353.