Attorney DeBruin represents clients from across lower Michigan.

Attorney DeBruin represents clients from across lower michigan.

Confident In The Fight,
Committed To Your Defense

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Best Hands possible

During one of the most stressful periods of my life Tiffany was right by my side. Her incredible communication skills and undivided attention really assured me that I was in the best hands possible. Her determination and perseverance for the best possible outcome for her clients is truly remarkable. Tiffany was able to get my case dismissed entirely in quick fashion. I am forever grateful for her assistance!

Sam F.

Right attorney for the job

From my first contact with Attorney DeBruin until the closing of my case, I was confident that I had chosen the right attorney for the job. Not only is she punctual, responsive, articulate, and highly efficient, but she’s also very down to earth and gave me, her client, the confidence that she truly cared about getting the best results for my case. I cannot thank her enough for helping me to finally move forward again in my life and career.

Ken P.

I was really glad to have hired her

Ms. DeBruin helped me with several family law matters that I had put off for too long. She was helpful and knowledgeable and also helped to keep me on task for what needed to be done on my end. I was really glad to have hired her. The internet would have you believe that many issues like wills, trusts and divorces can be done yourself with just some forms printed from the internet, but I found that, without her, I wouldn’t have known what I didn’t know, and I would have ended up doing it poorly.

Shantana S.

I was so thankful to have her on my side

Tiffany became my attorney when I was in need of an attorney who had experience. She helped me with a family and custody matter, in several ways, especially after a previous attorney messed up my case. Tiffany stepped in and took on the case. She is professional, reassuring, and best of all understanding, and doesn’t make you feel like you are just another client. I was so thankful to have her on my side when I needed it.

Karen M.

Not just an attorney doing her job

When you find yourself in a tough legal situation, it can seem daunting. With the hundreds of attorneys to choose from, we took a chance with Tiffany DeBruin. She did what we expected and more. Tiffany took an interest on a human level. Not just an attorney doing her job, but as a person who cares. From all possible scenarios, she got us the best outcome, and I am appreciative for all she has done. If ever I need legal counsel in the future, I would call on Tiffany again. Thanks Tiffany.

Ed H.

It was a pleasure to work with her

Having DeBruin Law Services represent me was an investment that came to fruition. Legal needs and questions were addressed at 100% efficiency and professionalism. She comes highly recommended as far as I am concerned, and it was a pleasure to work with her due to her skills and honesty. Her future in the legal arena holds no bars. Please consider her for your legal needs, you will not be disappointed. My appreciation for how she handled my case is unequaled. Thank you for the opportunity to express my thanks.

Rosalinda H

I cannot express how much Tiffany has helped me

I cannot express how much Tiffany has helped me. She is there when I need her and always returns my calls, texts, and emails as quickly as she can. She explains the legal side of the law in terms that I can understand and always asks me how I want to do things. She does not push to do things her way. She is respectful and does her best for her clients. I highly recommend her to anyone who needs an attorney!

Beckah G

Ms. DeBruin did a great job…

Ms DeBruin did a great job… I had a pretty lofty background in another state and I got two years probation for a drug possession. She was great and I don’t think I could have gotten it with any other lawyer.

J Hustle

Tiffany saved me from a lot of hardship and loss

Tiffany communicated very well through multiple formats (e.g Phone, Email, text), sending important files and documents keeping me up to date on relevant changes and progress in legal matters. Tiffany saved me and my family from a lot of hardship and loss. Because of her with help from my family, I am now able to continue to strive for a better life and to evolve into a better person. If you desire to hear “Case Dismissed!” Tiffany DeBruin PLLC is the legal firm I would personally recommend to anyone seeking Criminal Defense.


Tiffany is amazing at what she does

Tiffany is amazing at what she does, very friendly doesn’t make you uncomfortable to talk. Has beat all my cases for a reasonable price always on contact with you of what’s going on with the case. she lets you make the decisions for yourself not like other attorneys deciding for you. I’m actually about to hire her again.


Tiffany has been a lifesaver

Tiffany has been a lifesaver, time and time again. She works tirelessly and is adamant about your rights. It’s refreshing to have legal representation that cares about your outcome, your circumstances and you as a person. If you are looking for an amazing attorney, then look no further Tiffany DeBruin, will not let you down. Thank you again for all you have done, all you are doing & everything you did behind the scenes to help me.


More than satisfied with her results

Ms DeBruin inspired confidence from our first contact. She spoke knowledgeably and accurately about the court system and provided us with solid advice. She was able to negotiate on our behalf and we were more than satisfied with her results. Our issues were in traffic court.


Tiffany is a Rock Star!

Professional and knowledgeable, walked me through the whole process, awesome results!! Tiffany is a Rock Star!


The most fantastic, intelligent attorney!

The most fantastic, intelligent attorney! She helped us with several cases and has always put our minds at ease through the process and has consistently gone above and beyond to fight for us! In situations that seemed hopeless, she has not yet failed to pull through and because of her, our outcomes have been what we thought impossible! She is truly amazing, patient, and so kind-hearted. She has also done some cases for our extended family and I will continue to recommend and use her services!


My experience and results were over the top

My experience and family results were over the top, I don’t know where to start. I have had three attorneys with Tiffany being the last one. I’m not the easiest client to get along with but when it comes to your children you want nothing but the best and the reason i fired the other law firms. I had a very nasty custody battle starting when my son was 6 months old just getting finally resolved as he turned 2 last week. I had to jump through a million hoops to get 50/50 custody and equal parenting time with my son after multiple allegations against me. Tiffany guided me thru all the obstacles and always reminded me the end result will eventually come even when I thought I was going to break down because this is one of the hardest things to go through. Her legal fees were great and she really worked with me on getting her the money just like a family member would do as well as not charging for every email, fax or phone calls. What law firm cares enough about their client that they answer phone calls or emails at night when your mind is racing or you need an answer to what to do if you didn’t get your children and were supposed to or many other things. I think Tiffany DeBruin couldn’t have done me any better on getting me what I deserved and wanted. I find it near impossible as a man to be heard or looked at at a custody battle without proper representation and Tiffany did that for me. I was told getting 50/50 custody from other attorneys wasn’t going to happen if the mother was fighting but Tiffany stuck by my side and showed the courts what a great father I was and that mom and dad deserve equal rights.


Tiffany was very patient and understanding

Tiffany was very patient and understanding to my case and worked hard to get the results fair, we really did and do appreciate it.


She is a true professional at her job

My 16-year-old daughter was given a civil infraction while driving. The police officer gave her no leniency whatsoever for being a new driver. The ticket would have been 3 points, and possibly caused my daughter to lose her license. I knew if we had an informal hearing, it would have been her word vs the police officer – and she wouldn’t have stood a chance. Hiring Ms. DeBruin was the smartest decision. From the first call, Ms. DeBruin informed me of the entire process in detail with step-by-step instructions. Ms. DeBruin was able to argue the ticket, have it reduced to a zero point infraction with half the cost – and saved my daughter’s license, and our insurance costs. My daughter and I never had to appear, and all correspondence (besides the first call) was a few emails back and forth. Ms. DeBruin made it simple and easy – she is a true professional at her job.


Couldn’t ask for anything better!

Awesome attorney! Did exactly what she set out to do for us… couldn’t ask for anything better! Highly recommended!!


I would highly recommend Tiffany to anyone

Tiffany was a pleasure to work with during an otherwise downtime in my life and always made sure my case received the attention it needed. She was always professional and promptly answered any and all questions I had. If it were not for her expertise and knowledge of the legal system I fear my results would have been gravely different. I would highly recommend Tiffany to anyone seeking legal representation.


Will do all they can to help your case

Very friendly and caring attorney. Will do all they can to help your case. Determined and knowledgeable. I would recommend to any friend.


I was highly impressed with Ms. DeBruin’s service

I was highly impressed with Ms. DeBruin’s service. She was approachable, an excellent communicator, and addressed my particular case quickly and efficiently. She was able to get my traffic citation reduced from a 3-point violation to a 1-point violation, which resulted in a smaller fine and a less serious offense on my driving record. All of this was accomplished without me ever having to appear in court. Money well spent! I would highly recommend DeBruin Law.


We cannot recommend her more highly!

Before we were even certain whether or not an attorney could help us, Tiffany was providing us with advice on our options, answering our calls and emails quickly and thoroughly. She did not hard sell us on her services, though she did deliver a winning verdict in a difficult case after we had hired her. We cannot recommend her more highly.


Tiffany is a very good lawyer

Tiffany is very good at what she does. She was my lawyer for a traffic case I was involved in. She understands my situation and she provides me with perfect legal help. I really appreciate her effort and judgment. Because of her effort, points on my driving license were reduced to zero for that ticket. I am very satisfied with her services for my case and I would recommend her to other friends who need legal assistance.


Best thing that ever happened to me

Tiffany has been my attorney for years and she has always has clear direction and honest opinion. I have had great experiences and amazing results in court from her do yourself a favor hire her and if your a first time shopping for a lawyer I had talked to over 15 lawyers before I was lucky enough to find her they all said the same thing pay me and we will see what will happen she was the only one that had a game plan and was very honest up from and told me what I wanted wasn’t impossible just had to do my part and I would get what I wanted and I got everything I wanted.


Testimonial 3

I write this for anybody looking for someone else’s experience with Miss DeBruin. Tiffany led the Judge to see hope and possibilities in me! I just completed probation yesterday, I Just want to say THANK YOU Tiffany!

– DeBruin client –

Testimonial 2

“Tiffany DeBruin is more than an outstanding attorney. She will fight for you no matter what. I believe if she was not my attorney, I would not be a free man today. She knew I was innocent and made every juror believe it.”

– Matt L. –

Testimonial 1

I was very impressed with the representation in Court and the outcome of my case. Tiffany DeBruin went above and beyond my expectations. Her confidence with the whole case really helped me get through this.

– Oscar V. –