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Attorney DeBruin represents clients from across lower michigan.

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The process of driver’s license restoration in Michigan

On Behalf of | Jan 8, 2024 | Legal System

Michigan drivers who drive recklessly or violate driving laws may have their licenses suspended or revoked. While a suspension results in a temporary loss of your driving privileges, a revocation means that your driving privileges have been terminated.

It can be very difficult for people to manage without a driver’s license, even for a short time. Fortunately, there is a way for drivers to have their licenses restored, even if it has been revoked. However, the process can be difficult, especially if your license was revoked for an Operating While Intoxicated (OWI) conviction.

According to the Michigan Secretary of State, there are certain requirements you must follow to have your license restored. The license restoration process will depend on the specific reason your license was suspended or revoked. Here are a few of the steps you may have to follow:

  • Obtain a copy of your driving record.
  • Wait for the “eligible review” date listed on your record. If your license was revoked, you may have to wait one to five years before you become eligible for a license restoration.
  • Request a hearing: You may request a hearing online through Driver Appeals Integrated System (DAIS). Alternatively, you may submit a Request for Hearing form and Substance Evaluation Form (if your license was revoked for OWI) to the Office of Hearings and Administrative Oversight.
  • Attend the hearing and present your evidence. If your license was taken away for a drug or alcohol offense, your evidence should show that you are sober and that you have a plan to stay sober. Support letters from loved ones attesting to your sobriety may also be helpful. You may bring an attorney to your hearing but are not required to do so.
  • Pay your reinstatement fee of $125, plus any additional required fees.

Following your hearing, the administrative judge will decide whether your license should be restored.

It can be difficult to get to work, medical appointments, and school without your driver’s license. The driver’s license restoration process can be complicated, but well worth it, if it results in getting your license back.