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Does alcohol rehabilitation or treatment impact OWI expungement?

On Behalf of | Sep 30, 2022 | Alcohol Offenses, OWI

The long-term problems a person can face if they are charged and convicted for operating while intoxicated in Michigan are vast. They can lose their driving privileges, face jail time and need to pay hefty fines. In addition, it can be an obstacle later in life with a record of OWI preventing them from getting certain jobs and casting them in a negative light. If possible, people want to avoid the long-term ramifications. Receiving an expungement can help with that.

The importance of rehabilitation or education as part of OWI expungements

Fortunately, there is a chance to have the record expunged so it no longer appears on public records. Those who would like to have a first-time OWI expunged must be aware of the steps they must take.

For the court to approve the expungement, it will want to know certain facts about the petitioner. One is if they took part in rehabilitation or educational programs to help them with potential alcohol-related issues. The court will want to know if the person used the program and benefited from it. It will also check if these programs were ordered as part of the sentence or if the petitioner took the initiative before sentencing.

The court will not be limited in its determinative process by what happened at sentencing. If the petitioner was expected to seek some form of treatment or care and they did not get it, the court can deny the petition. It can also deny it even if the person took part in a program if it is not believed to have been effective and beneficial.

Professional help can be crucial when seeking an expungement

OWI/DWI expungements can be of great help to first-time offenders. A person might have made a single mistake they do not want to follow and define them for the rest of their lives. It could have been a college student, an established professional or a homemaker who suffered a lapse in judgment. It can happen to anyone.

It is wise to be fully aware of the entire process, how it can be achieved and what the petitioner is required to do. It can be important to have advice throughout the process. Consulting with professionals who understand all aspects of expungements can be helpful.