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Attorney DeBruin represents clients from across lower michigan.

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Theft of whole houses becoming more common

On Behalf of | Mar 14, 2022 | Theft Crimes

Robbery has been occurring since the beginning of time, but a new form of robbery has emerged relatively recently. According to some reports, it is becoming more common for thieves to steal houses. Houses are disappearing in their entirety.

This latest phenomenon is very strange because a person will go to where the house is supposed to be and find it just is not there anymore. Aside from the strange concept of an entire house being stolen, it is difficult to determine the motive behind such a robbery. It is possible that there are several different motives but none of them seem to be understood by authorities.

House robberies may involve a whole operation

Robbing an entire house and making it disappear is most likely more work than one person can handle on their own. People robbing entire houses is an emerging white collar crime that is gaining momentum in the United States. However, thieves are not only stealing physical property but they are also finding ways to steal virtually as well. Nowadays, with technology being as advanced and fast-moving as it is, all sorts of new angles are being discovered and new crimes are emerging.

Obtaining the right legal representation

If you have been charged with robbery, you will probably want to obtain the most effective legal support that you can. Otherwise, you will probably be facing serious consequences, which will potentially negatively affect your life and your future. Two of the major aspects of your life that may be impacted are loss of freedom and employment potential.

It may be a wise idea to obtain the advice of a knowledgeable Michigan lawyer who can support and educate you about your rights and about the process and what to expect in relation to your case. It is essential that you take direction from your lawyer for the best possible outcome. Solid legal advice may help you to manage your situation in a positive way and to hopefully achieve the most positive results possible.