Case Results

Not Guilty Verdict for Domestic Violence Case

Dec 10, 2021 in Case Results, Domestic Violence

Client found not guilty of domestic violence in Grand Rapids, December 2021. The client was charged with domestic violence in Kentwood district court in conjunction with a divorce case between the parties. The complainant alleged that there was a domestic violence incident and had bruises…

Driver’s License Secured After Incorrect Conviction

Aug 05, 2021 in Case Results, Traffic

A client with a Michigan driver’s license and CDL was convicted of careless driving causing death in Ohio in 2011. The client’s Michigan driver’s license was going to be suspended for 1 year from their insurance company; however, Tiffany DeBruin discovered an error. The Michigan…

Traffic Violations Reduced for CDL Holder

Jul 29, 2021 in Case Results, Traffic

An Ingham County client with a CDL license was charged with a 6-10 mph speeding ticket and a logbook violation. Tiffany DeBruin reviewed their case to find the best possible outcome. Attorney DeBruin had the client proactively engage in mitigation to explain the circumstances that…

5-point Violation Reduced to 0-points

Jul 22, 2021 in Case Results, Traffic

A truck driver charged with speeding through a construction zone in Lapeer County resulted in a 5-point violation. Attorney Tiffany DeBruin acted immediately and required the client to engage in proactive countermeasures. Attorney DeBruin worked diligently with her client and explained to the prosecution the…

OWI Charges Reduced to Traffic Misdemeanor

Jul 15, 2021 in Case Results, OWI

After causing a traffic accident in Lansing, MI, a client faced OWI charges while recording a blood test of .16. This case appeared to be cut-and-dry; however, Tiffany DeBruin discovered an error in the field sobriety tests that were conducted along with the blood test….

Community Service for Probation Violation

Jun 07, 2021 in Case Results, Criminal Defense

A client who initially fled from probation in 2018 asked attorney Tiffany DeBruin for help getting a second chance so that he could legally leave the state. He had already had 2 violations prior to absconding and it was not looking good for the client….