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When Can I Reinstate My License After a Suspension?

On Behalf of | Feb 13, 2019 | Firm News, OWI, Traffic

There are many reasons why you might lose your driving privileges in Michigan. A common reason for a license suspension/revocation is one or more OWI/DUI convictions. Other reasons could be the Secretary of State receiving a referral from an officer about your driving, problems with medical conditions, accumulating too many driver’s license points, driving without insurance, being convicted of certain crimes like evading police, failing to pay child support, or failing to pay court costs and fines. Whatever the reason for your license suspension/revocation, you will want to get your license reinstated as soon as possible.

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When You May Reinstate Your Driver’s License

To reinstate your driver’s license after a suspension or revocation, you need to meet several requirements, including:

  • You have completed the required period of suspension/revocation. For most license suspensions/revocations based on traffic and criminal convictions, the length of the suspension/revocation is pre-determined. Before you can pursue your license reinstatement, you must have completed the entire suspension/revocation period. If you are unsure of the length of your suspension/revocation or when it began and ended, call DeBruin Law PLLC for help.
  • Or you have corrected the reason for the suspension/revocation. Some license suspensions/revocations are put in place until you correct the reason for the suspension/revocation instead of for a specific period of time. For example, if you lose your license for being behind on child support, you may be required to pay all of the past-due amount and become current on your obligation before a court will allow you to reinstate your license. If you are unsure of when your suspension/revocation period ends, contact a Lansing driver’s license lawyer today.
  • You have paid all court costs and fine. A license suspension/revocation is typically connected to a court case of some kind. There are usually fines, fees, and other costs associated with it. You must have paid all of them before you will be able to reinstate your license.
  • You must have completed other requirements of your sentence. Most likely, your license suspension/revocation was one part of the penalty upon conviction. You may have been sentenced to other punishments, such as community service, or drug or alcohol education or counseling. Whatever your punishment was, you typically need to have completed it before seeking a reinstatement.For example, if your license was revoked after two or more alcohol-related driving offenses, then you must go through a rigorous administrative review in order to seek driving privileges. You may have to have restricted driving privileges along with an ignition interlock device for at least one year.

Was Your License Suspended Because of Driver Responsibility Fees?

If your license was suspended in relation to Michigan’s Driver Responsibility Fees (DRF), contact DeBruin Law PLLC to discuss your right to pursue a license reinstatement right now. The program officially ended October 1, 2018 and all remaining fees were erased. However, your right to a license reinstatement and the process you must go through depends on your specific circumstances. If your license has been suspended for four or more years, you will need to retake the written and road driving tests.

How to Reinstate Your License

If you are eligible for a driver’s license reinstatement, then you must apply for a reinstatement with the Michigan Secretary of State (SOS). You can apply at your local SOS branch. There will be a fee, which is either $25, $50, $85, or $125 based on your circumstances. The most common reinstatement fee is $125.00 and applies to OWI/DUI, implied consent, driver responsibility suspensions, and other mandatory suspensions or revocations.

You may be required to show proof that your suspension/revocation is over, such as a court order. You also will need proof of your identity, proof of Michigan residency, and proof of your Social Security Number.

Do You Have Questions About Your License Reinstatement?

If your driver’s license was suspended, and you are unsure of whether you are eligible for reinstatement, call DeBruin Law PLLC today. Tiffany DeBruin is an experienced traffic and driver’s license attorney in Lansing, Michigan. She will review your circumstances and explain your options, including whether you are eligible for a license reinstatement right now, and if so, the process to reinstate your license.

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