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Will I Go to Jail for a Second OWI/DUI in Michigan?

On Behalf of | Apr 18, 2018 | Firm News, Legal Blog, OWI

If you have been charged with a second OWI/DUI, chances are you’re concerned about what exactly is going to happen to you. A first offense is a misdemeanor with a fairly mild punishment. But incurring a second offense, in a judge’s eyes, may look as if you have trouble obeying the law. Consequently, you will likely receive a harsher sentence, and you may be looking at potential jail time.

When facing a host of potential OWI charges, it may be a good idea to call a DUI lawyer to talk over your options. Contact a Lansing DUI Lawyer at DeBruin Law, PLLC today at  517-324-4303 to schedule a free initial consultation.

What Happens When You Receive a Second OWI?

A second offense is labeled as such if it occurs within seven years of your first OWI conviction. If convicted of a second OWI, you could face:

  • A fine of $200 up to $1,000
  • A jail sentence ranging from five days up to a year
  • A community service sentence of 30-90 days
  • All three, depending on what the judge decides

You will lose your driver’s license for a minimum of one year. If your license has already been revoked once in the past seven years, then you’ll lose it for a minimum of five years. The court will also seize your license plate and may decide to impound your car. On top of court costs, you’ll likely be charged a Driver Responsibility fee of $1,000, and you may be ordered to go through alcohol counseling at your expense.

Is a Second Offense a Misdemeanor or Felony?

It could be either, depending on the circumstances. Generally, a second offense is a misdemeanor and a third offense is a felony. But, there are certain factors that can cause your second offense charge to be upgraded to a felony as well. These include:

  • You injure or kill someone while driving under the influence.
  • You are caught driving under the influence with a minor (a child under the age of 16) in your car.
  • You have two prior OWIs, regardless of the time period that has passed between any of these convictions.

A felony charge carries a fine of $500 up to $5,000, and a prison term in the department of corrections for at least a year and up to five years. Fines and prison sentences increase if you cause the death of another person or the death of a first responder, such as an EMT or police officer.

When you’re facing a felony charge, it’s a lot tougher to get out of a prison sentence. While it may be possible to avoid jail time under a misdemeanor, it will likely be part of a second offense felony conviction.

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