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2017 Lansing Crime by the Numbers

On Behalf of | Feb 16, 2018 | Criminal Defense, Firm News, Legal Blog

According to the Lansing Police Department, homicides in the city have increased since 2016. However, most of them have been solved. Additional Lansing crime statistics for the same year also show an increase in drug overdoses. In light of the newly available crime numbers, Lansing Police Chief Mike Yankowski has provided some insight into the city’s current and future crime statistics.

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Number of Shootings

One of the most positive Lansing crime statistics reported by the Lansing Police Department is the number of shootings that have taken place since the city instituted its “Violent Crime Initiative”.

According to Police Chief Yankowski, when the initiative began in 2013, there were on average 200 shootings occurring in the city each year. By 2017, there were 115 marking a 43 percent reduction in four years, with a significant 26 percent drop in the last year.


Lansing experienced 13 homicides in 2017, and three of those cases remain unsolved. That number is consistent with the average number of homicides occurring in previous years. According to Yankowski, 2017 was a year in which violent crime was a big focus. He noted that among the 13 homicides in the city last year, incidents involving mental illness and domestic violence were higher.

Drug Overdoses

A positive feature of the newly released Lansing crime statistics for 2017 reveals that fewer opioid and heroin-related deaths occurred. However, according to Chief Yankowski, 240 overdoses occurred in 2017 marking a 65 percent increase since 2016.

Cooperation With the Community, State, and Federal Law Enforcement

Lansing’s Police Chief emphasized how cooperation from the community can help their department solve a case faster, regardless of the type of crime involved. The Chief said, “This is a community effort, it’s not a silo of the Lansing Police Department, it’s that everyone in the community plays a role in helping us solve crimes.”

In addition to the benefits of partnering with the community, the Lansing Police Department has also enlarged its partnerships with both state and federal law enforcement to enhance its ability to stop and solve crimes.

According to Chief Yankowski, this includes working more efficiently by utilizing the capabilities of embedded ATF and FBI officials into the local police department.

As the department moves forward throughout 2018, it will be endeavoring to serve the public more effectively in order to reduce Lansing crime through its enhanced efforts and partnerships.

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