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Attorney DeBruin represents clients from across lower michigan.

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Ingham County Man Avoids Probation Violation Caused By Inaccurate Drug Test

On Behalf of | Apr 14, 2017 | Case Results, Criminal Defense, Drug Charge, Firm News, Legal System

In Michigan, a probation violation is not something to take lightly. The consequences are harsh since probation is often used as an alternative to incarceration, and if someone is found guilty of violating the terms of their probation, there is not much leniency. A violation can result in considerable time behind bars; not only for the original offense, but also for the violation itself. Unfortunately, that means if there is an allegation of a violation, a person who is otherwise compliant with the terms of probation and making an honest effort to pay for poor choices can be put at significant and unnecessary risk.

The probation system in Michigan can be convoluted and difficult to understand without help. So if you are charged with violating the probation conditions ordered in your case, it is critical to discuss the situation with an experienced criminal defense lawyer. For example, Lansing attorney Tiffany DeBruin was recently retained by a man in Ingham County when a urine screen came back positive for methamphetamines and he found himself charged with a violation. The man wanted to dispute the results and sought out DeBruin Law, PLLC to review his options and find a way to prove his innocence and preserve his freedom.

Attorney DeBruin set to work and requested a new and more sophisticated hair follicle test, which came back negative. She also arranged for the re-examination of the original test, which in the end was also confirmed to be negative. Attorney DeBruin appeared on the man’s behalf during his probation hearing, where she presented her findings, along with an expert witness, who was prepared to testify. By leveraging her compelling evidence and passionately advocating for her client, attorney DeBruin effectively convinced the probation officer to withdraw the violation. This allowed her client to resume his life without fear of a lengthy and unjustified jail sentence.

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