Attorney DeBruin represents clients from across lower Michigan.

Attorney DeBruin represents clients from across lower michigan.

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Woman Sees Felony Embezzlement Charge Reduced

On Behalf of | Mar 23, 2017 | Case Results, Criminal Defense, Firm News, Fraud

Not long ago, a 35-year-old woman became entangled in a very precarious legal position after she was charged with embezzlement from her employer of over $20,000. This is a serious felony offense in Michigan that could result in a 10-year prison sentence, but in an effort to find a more favorable outcome, the woman contacted Lansing criminal defense attorney Tiffany DeBruin in her time of need.

Once retained, DeBruin Law set to work and advocated aggressively for her client. This led to negotiations with the prosecution and an agreement for her client to plead to a drastically reduced misdemeanor; attempted embezzlement. As part of this arrangement, her client agreed to pay restitution prior to the date of sentencing. In a situation like this, the court would likely order the client to complete a term of probation with several requirements ordered by the court as well. However, by following her attorney’s advice, this client was able to complete many of these requirements prior to sentencing.

As a result of retaining effective and knowledgeable legal counsel, when her client appeared in court, she was spared from a felony conviction and was only required to pay court costs and fines.

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