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Attorney DeBruin represents clients from across lower michigan.

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3 Facts to Consider when Facing Misdemeanor Possession Charges

On Behalf of | Jul 13, 2015 | Drug Charge, Firm News, Legal Blog

Facing criminal charges is always a stressful time. You are up against a huge and confusing system with a future they may feel uncertain until your case is resolved. Most people understand that it’s important to get advice from a lawyer when facing serious felony charges, but what about more minor misdemeanors like misdemeanor possession?

Even though this is a relatively minor offense, it could have serious consequences and it’s important to consult with a legal professional from your area. Lansing criminal defense attorney, Tiffany DeBruin is available for free consultation at  517-324-4303 at any time.

If you’re facing misdemeanor possession charges, consider these three facts:

  1. If you’re a student, you could lose your eligibility to receive financial aid. Relaxed marijuana laws around the country have more students than ever experimenting with marijuana. However, recreational use and possession is still illegal in most places, including most of Michigan. If you’re convicted of a drug offense while you’re a student receiving financial aid, you will be ineligible for further federal aid and grants.For one offense, your eligibility is suspended for one year, two years for two offenses, and indefinitely for three. This applies nationwide, so it doesn’t matter if you were convicted in one state and try to attend school in another. First time offenders may avoid a one year suspension by completing treatment at an authorized rehabilitation facility.
  2. Everyone background checks. The digital revolution has made information infinitely easier to store, catalog, and access. If you have a misdemeanor possession conviction, you won’t be able to hide it.This could affect employment opportunities and admission to professional associations for years into the future. Some professions may put an absolute bar on applicants with even the most minor drug convictions, including some positions in law enforcement, education, or childcare.
  3. It could cost you. A conviction for misdemeanor possession could cost you a lot of money. In addition to any bond or court costs, you may have to pay if you’re sentenced to probation or treatment. Depending on the circumstances of your arrest and if your vehicle was involved, your driving privileges could be impacted.You may have to pay costly drivers responsibility fees, higher insurance premiums, or deal with the expense and inconvenience of a suspended license. Probation may require you to appear for random drug testing, which interferes with scheduled work or school.

Misdemeanor possession charges may seem minor, but the consequences of a conviction could change your life forever. If you are facing a misdemeanor possession charge, contact an experienced Lansing criminal defense attorney to discuss your case today at  517-324-4303.